Masimba jumbos leave a trail of misery

DEADLY ENCOUNTERS: Under normal circumstances, an elephant blows its trumpet when it kills a human being

Meteine Nasoi stares hopelessly at the open sky as she grieves the death of her husband with a feeling of dejection.

The fresh grave where the body of her late husband, William Sonke, 47, lay still faces her from the eastern side of their matrimonial home in Olelepo village on the outskirts of Masimba town.

It was a few minutes after 2 pm when we arrived at the home after hours of driving and found young children milling around Nasoi, who had just buried her late husband a few days earlier.

After introducing ourselves to the bereaved family, Sonke’s brothers led by Pastor Justus Marona and Katoo Marona, who is a student at Maasai Mara University, briefed us on what exactly led to the demise of their brother on that fateful night of May 24.

Katoo, who was home at the time his late brother was attacked by a marauding elephant, said the deceased was approaching his house at around 7.30 pm when he suddenly saw a jumbo run towards him.

“At the time, we had just chased three elephants from our compound by beating drums. We realised later that there were four elephants around our house, and a male one we did not see lay in waiting for our brother,” said Katoo.

He said after they had chased the jumbos away, they heard the fourth elephant’s trumpet from the direction of Masimba town at the back of their house around 7.30 pm.

“Under normal circumstances, an elephant blows its trumpet when it kills a human being. After the trumpet, we increasingly felt for our brother, Sonke, because he was already late from Masimba town. He always arrives home between 7.00 pm and 7.30 pm,” he said.

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